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Covid-19, Protection.

Due to Covid-19 We have made contingencies, for the protection of our staff and our clients.

We ask our clients to help provide our services by having access to sanitizer at their front doors.

Today we request that we use the Two-meter rule of contact. We often find the home owner or the office staff on location.  
Distance and sanitizer are paramount for keeping us both safe.
Our officers are currently responding to 4 to 8 call-outs per week.

should that be false alarms, or lock-outs, or lone persons needing help with the wider services due to a medical condition when they can’t reach the phone.

However, they can reach the installed Alarm Panic Button.
We will attend in the first instance within our alarm response time limits of 25 minutes of our Alarm Clients.
The Government have said Licensed Security providers are “Key Workers”.
We are here to help and Provide should you need assistance.
Please do check out the following help site:

11-12 Hallmark Trading Center, Fourth Way, Midlesex. HA9 0LB
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